Youngnak Church of Los Angeles

How to apply

1. Check which Scholarship Category is right for you

We have a range of categories each with its own eligibility requirements. Please read through the list and find the category that best fits you.


2. Prepare the Supporting Materials

Please prepare the following supporting documents:

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. FAFSA, CA Profile and other Financial Aid Docs (not required for merit based applications)
  3. Letters of Recommendations

3. Mark your Dates

Important dates to remember:

  • Mar. 7, Mon: Application acceptance start
  • May. 21, Sun: Application due
  • Aug 2, Wed: Winner announcement
  • Aug 12, Sat: Scholarship Banquet
  • Aug 12, Sat: Scholarship Service

4. Start the Application

Apply Now

5. Problems?

Check the FAQ tab or contact us at